Toddler Tonsillitis Al Ahli Hospital Appeal Winter 2015/16

Help us raise £5,000 this winter to treat 40 of the most needy children with chronic tonsillitis currently on the waiting list at the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza.

A year on from our major appeal to help keep Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza operational, the Director General of the hospital sends us this appeal for specific funding for young children unable to get the Tonsillitis surgery they urgently need.

Early intervention is vital to avoid more serious symptoms or even death.

DONATE NOW to help this life-saving work begin as soon as possible.

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50% of the population of Gaza are under 18, and roughly 40% of those in the Gaza strip are in poverty. The Al Ahli Arab Hospital is desperately short of resources, staff and funding. Pressure is increased due to the lack of facilities at the main local government hospitals where services have deteriorated.

Why focus on Toddler Tonsillitis?

Help Al Ahli turn children's lives around with timely intervention.

Early intervention is so important: your donation can help a youngster with tonsillitis avoid totally unnecessary complications, even death.

In just three months (Jan to March 2015) 28,247 patients were reported with Upper Respiratory Tract infections, and children are waiting on average three years for treatment of tonsillitis. Since the adenoids and tonsils develop significantly during the first four years of life, leaving tonsillitis untreated for this long can result in serious and pathological symptoms and death.

Targeting help where it’s most needed

By targeting those children most in need and least able to access the surgical help they need, we can save the lives of 40 vulnerable young children and give them a chance in life.

The Director General will select children from the poorest and most marginalized areas using the following criteria:

  • Children who are suffering from severe and recurrent upper airway obstruction with apnea (tonsillitis)

  • Complicated cases with chronic tonsillitis

  • Aged 2 to 3 years of age

  • From families with no health coverage or funding

  • Children who have been on the waiting list already for more than 12 months

  • Children internally displaced as a result of recent and current conflicts

Can you help us raise £5,000 to help 40 vulnerable toddlers?

Surgical intervention to treat chronic tonsillitis costs an average of just £120 per child. That means every £1,000 raised will provide life-saving surgery for at least 8 children.

Just £120! that's less than the average British household will spend on festive food and drink this Christmas!

(according to YouGov research)

All donations, large or small, will be forwarded to the Hospital in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

How to Contribute

We recommend online giving via BT MyDonate as it's so simple and fees are low (just 15p for debit card payments). They also offer an easy Gift Aid option at the time of donating.

For those who prefer, donations can be sent by cheque or made by bank transfer. If you are a UK Tax Payer please consider completing a Gift Aid declaration to enable JMECA to claim a Gift Aid tax rebate on your behalf which increases your gift by 25%. That's £25 back from the government for every £100 donation and will pay for 1 child to receive surgery! Email us if you have questions.

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Download the full Funding Request paper from the hospital

Read about Al Ahli Hospital on the Jerusalem Diocese Website


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