The work we support

The money raised by JMECA is used to support the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East by responding to its ongoing and particular needs. This includes support of the churches and clergy, as well as helping to fund their various educational, medical and welfare establishments.

Below are examples of the wide range of areas that JMECA/JEMT has been able to support recently through the management of the trust funds and by with generous donations and legacies from its supporters.

Support of the Churches & Clergy


Across the Province the Anglican church supports educational institutions for children and training centres for adults. These institutions are non-discriminatory; open to all races and religions.


The dioceses have set up, equipped and staffed a variety of medical institutions to meet the needs of the local people. Whilst they are run by the Anglican church they are open to all who need medical attention regardless of race or religion.

Social Welfare

Support for the poor, widowed, disabled or disadvanted within the communities of the Middle East.