Conference report - Contextual Mission in Egypt Today

"Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion", a new organisation promoting mision in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America, launched a proposed annual series of Writing For Publication conferences with a conference entitled Contextual Mission in Egypt Today last month 18 - 20 April in Cairo.

Hosted by Archbishop Mouneer Anis, Bishop of Egypt and Presiding Bishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East, the conference was chaired by Dean Samy Shehata, Alexandria School of Theology and Bishop Graham Kings, Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion.

Archbishop Mouneer Anis himself published a keynote paper entitled 'Theological and Cultural Foundations for Positive Inter-Religious Relations', in which he discusses:

"Many people after the Second World War predicted that the influence of religion will come to an end and it will be replaced by an age of modernity and secularization. However across the world, religions continue to be influential and remain as constant factor in the life of the people."

"Today as we start in the 21st Century more than 5 billion people out of 7 billion in the world are followers of different religions. Only 16% of the world population consider themselves as non-religious. Indeed Religious identities are on the rise everywhere."

"[A] factor that leads to religious extremism is the ignorance or the misconceptions about the faiths of others. 

Because of this, strong and positive Inter Religious Relations became a necessity not only for co-existence, tolerance but more importantly for working for the common good and world peace. Inter Religious Dialogue is definitely crucial in fulfilling this aim. However there are several misconceptions about Inter- Religious Dialogue..."

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Other published papers were:

  • The Very Revd Samy Shehata (Dean of St Mark's Pro-Cathedral, Alexandria and Principal of the Alexandria School of Theology) - 'Koinonia as an Image of Ecclesiology in Egypt today'
  • Abouna Youhanna (Coptic Orthodox Abbot of St Marcarius Monastery) - 'Desert Spirituality'
  • Mina Fouad (Coptic Orthodox Patristics Lecturer, Alexandria School of Theology) - 'Coptic Monasticism and its Theology: The Models of St Antony and St Pachomius'
  • The Revd Dr Emad Basilios - 'Faith based community services'
  • Servant of God - 'Returning to our Roots: Mission in Tunisia and St Cyprian'

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