Bible Lands Winter 2015

In the Middle East, Christian communities are not immune from the inter-religious, political and communal conflict situations in which they live. At times they are called to speak out about them as well as to live out their Christian faith by action as well as word. As a publication that seeks to provide perspectives from and support for the Episcopal Church in the region our Editor in publicising issues of politics and conflict is careful to draw on reports from the dioceses themselves. For it is all too easy for those who live far from the region to project their views on to the political situation and regional conflicts – and Bible Lands could well fill its space with a variety of opinions about such divisions in the region.

Highlights from this winter edition of Bible Lands:

  • Report from the Diocese of Jerusalem on the arson attack by Jewish extremists on the Church in Tiberias (page 8)

  • Update on the role of Al-Ahli National Hospital in Gaza (pages 12-13)

  • Bishop Bill Musk reflects on the massacre in Tunisia (pages 16-17)

  • The book reviews highlights two books which provide first-rate background to two of the most terrible recent developments in the region (page 18)

  • We pay tribute to the life of Bishop Samir Kafity (page 19)

  • The role of prayer in the Diocese of Iran (page 20)

  • The reduction in subsidy for Christians schools in Israel (see page 21)


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The four churches in Iran - meeting faithfully

A reminder of those few still faithfully meeting, and prayers for their protection and blessing

Restorations in the Diocese of Jerusalem

St Saviour's Church in Acre joins other Jerusalem churches recently restored to regular use

Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue

From the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf Bishop Michael took part once again in the latest annual Anglican-Orthodox Commission for Theological Dialogue in New York

The Tunisian Massacre - battle for the soul of Islam

Bishop Bill Musk, recently asst bishop in North Africa and Rector in Tunis, reflects on the massacre of holiday tourists