Bible Lands Winter 2014

These are uncertain days in many parts of the Middle East. On June 10, three weeks after the circulation of our last issue, the city of Mosul in Northen Iraq fell to forces of the self-styled ‘Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)’ now known as IS. Tens of thousands of Assyrian Christians and members of other minority faiths, like the Yezidis fled from their homes to comparative safety as refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan. In Mosul itself 45 Churches and Christian religious institutions, many of great antiquity have been destroyed. A month later Israel launched Operation Protective edge against Hamas’ rockets and tunnels in Gaza and fighting continued for seven weeks, wreaking great destruction and death.

But beneath the headlines there is an astonishing amount of positive news from the Episcopal Churches of the Middle East as they reach out to their wider communities through the schools, hospitals, community medicine, care for the deaf and other children in need. Many featured in this issue of Bible Lands

The articles in this issue also provide information that is the background to the Good Friday and Easter Offering that we launch each year to raise additional interest and support for the Churches in Jerusalem and the Middle East. This is a tradition that began almost a century ago, which we are seeking to re-invigorate.

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Al-Ahli Hospital Gaza

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