Greetings from Bishop Mouneer Anis, Egypt

My dear Friends,

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Greetings in the Name of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ!

I pray that the Easter time would be a blessed time for all of you.



We here in Egypt celebrate two Easters: the Western Easter for the English Speaking Congregation and the Eastern Easter for the Arabic Speaking Congregation. I long for the day when we, with all other churches in the Middle East, celebrate the resurrection of our Lord together; this will be the greatest witness for our oneness in Christ.

Silhouette of Jesus on the crossSome people around us think that the journey to the cross and the crucifixion of Jesus is a time of sadness and shame. I remember a simple Christian villager said to me, “we Christians insult Jesus when we say that he was crucified. How can Jesus be the Son of God and die in such a humiliating way?” However, when we think deeply about the journey to the cross, and the cross itself, we find it a victorious one.

Jesus conquered death on the cross. He overcame our natural desire to take revenge through forgiving those who crucified him. He overcame fear when he boldly presented himself to those who came to arrest him. He overcame hatred when he allowed Judas to participate in the Last Supper. He overcame pride when he washed the feet of his disciples. Through the cross, Jesus granted us this victory over all these things.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ transformed the disciples. My prayer is that the power of the resurrection may help us to be transformed, overcoming our fears, apprehensions and failures, and give us a spirit of joy and courage especially at this time which is called the “Arab Spring.”

We ourselves long for a resurrection for our country Egypt. We hope to rise above oppression and the current deterioration in our economy. I believe that in the midst of what is going on, that the church must have a prophetic voice and encourage its members, especially young people, to participate in the life of Egypt.

+ Mouneer Egypt

The Most Rev. Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis

Bishop of the Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt
with North Africa and the Horn of Africa
President Bishop of the Episcopal / Anglican
Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East


Diocesan Newsletter March 2012