Bishop Mouneer opens a “Sewing Workshop”

The sewing room, machine tables along both side walls

EpiscoCare, Together We Develop Egypt and Misr El-Erada Organisation have worked together to open a sewing workshop in Ezbet El-Nakhl, a Northern region of Cairo, sitting west of the Nile. The area struggles economically and has poor access to education and healthcare.

The idea of setting up the workshop arose from needs assessment training for youth in the area run by the project "Together We Develop Egypt" which was led by Imam Abdul-Gafar and Reverend Reda Boshra of St Paul's church in Ezbet El-Nakhal.

Bishop Mouneer is shown one of the garments that has been repairedThe new sewing workshop aims to support local women, especially those that are unemployed, by giving them skills to repair clothes and recycle old ones.

Mrs Nahed, manage of the Ezbet-Nakhl Community Centre spoke of the importance of the development and education of people in the community and presented an overview of the achievements of the youth who had taken part in the Computers and Technology training.

The presentation of gifts to those taking partBishop Mouneer Anis also gave a speech in which he encouraged strong will and hard work and to make a positive difference to Egypt's future.