Ambassadors offer insight into lives of Christians in the West Bank and Jordan

The visitors outside the Cathedral

If you are within the Southwell & Nottingham area this month the diocese is welcoming five ambassadors from the Diocese of Jerusalem – a priest, a film producer, a dentist, a nutritionist and an advisor to the Palestinian Prime Minister during the month of October.

They will be travelling across the county to give an insight into the challenges facing  Christians living in Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

The ambassadors will be meeting MPs, conducting a workshop, giving a lecture at the University of Nottingham, speaking in churches and meeting The Rt Revd Paul Williams, Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham.

David Lane, Holy Lands Partnership Officer, who has organized the visit, said:

“This visit is an opportunity to hear at first hand how the tiny Anglican church in the occupied West Bank and Jordan is serving and seeking to achieve peace and reconciliation despite the many political difficulties imposed upon it.”

The ambassadors include the Revd Dr Fadi Diab who is vicar at St. Peter’s Church, Birzeit in the West Bank, Marwan Durzi, who works as an advisor to the Palestinian Prime Minister; Dr Abeer Aranki-Nasir, a dental practitioner in a West Bank University; Ms Deema Azar, a Jordanian film producer; Ms Hadeel Sa’adeh, a nutritionist and dietician who works at the Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem.

Highlights of their itinerary include:

Sunday 8th October:  Fr Fadi preaching in St Leonard’s, Wollaton.  Ambassadors at St. Mark’s, Mansfield and the Octave Group of Parishes.

 Tuesday 10th October: Ambassadors at the Diocesan Conference, Swanwick.

 Wednesday 11th October: Fr Fadi and ambassadors speaking to sixth form students at the Minster School, Southwell.

 Wednesday 11th October (19.30): Fr Fadi lecture on ‘The rise of fundamentalism – a Palestinian Perspective’ in the Keighton Auditorium, University of Nottingham

 Thursday 12th October: Breakfast meeting with Bishop Paul followed by a workshop at Sacrista Prebend, Southwell, on ‘Solidarity and leadership – a Biblical and theological Interpretation’

 Friday 13th October: Fr Fadi and ambassadors discussion at St John’s School of Mission – ‘Freedom from a Biblical and theological Perspective’. Lunch and meeting with five Notts  MPs hosted by Nigel Spraggins, CEO, Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham.

 Sunday 15th October: Fr Fadi preaching in Southwell Minster 09.30 and 11.15. Ambassadors at St. James’, Porchester, All Saints, Huthwaite, St. Helen’s, Selston, St. Wilfrid’s, Wilford.

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