Do supporters want to receive charity emails? reported today that charity emails are the least opened according to research by the Direct Marketing Association, with only 6 per cent being opened and a click through rate of only 0.83 per cent.

To me this seems such a waste of a charity's resources given the time someone will have spent preparing such emails.

A few years ago I attended a charity marketing communication training. An excellent series of days covering the whole range of communication mediums via which a charity can use to promote its brand and fundraise. However, one contentious area was how much communication is too much. I was definitely in the camp of infrequent but targeted communication having been bombarded by unwanted emails both at work and at home which I was automatically deleting without even opening. I had even stopped donating to a charity that was constantly contacting me to give more to them despite having an ongoing monthly standing order in their favour.

Here at JMECA we have limited human resources and so have to be focused on investing our time wisely in order to keep our supporters updated on the work happening in the dioceses and therefore only email supporters a few times a year. This is done via MailChimp who provide reports on the opening and click-through rates of newsletters that we send out. The latest one performed well above average for both charity marketing and general marketing emails with opening rates of 43% and click-through of 5%

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