Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza

The Hospital is respected as a provider of the quality health care for all. It works closely with the Palestinian National Authority Ministry of Health and is the first to receive the overflow from the government hospital in Gaza.

The Al Ahli Arab Hospital, among the narrow scarred streets, is an oasis of whitewash and green grass. It too carries scars, as a missile from an Israeli Apache helicopter damaged the chapel and clinics in 2003.

The hospital is open to all, irrespective of their faith. It treats the poor without charge. It treats those hurt in the crossfire. This hospital works because the staff, Muslims and Christians, work unstintingly to take care of those around them. The Chief Surgeon is a Muslim and the Director of the Hospital is a Christian, but none of that matters. As Suhaila Tarazi (Hospital Director) explains:

The Ahli staff work diligently to alleviate the suffering of people who fall victim to violence, poverty, sicknesses, oppression and helplessness. Because of our mission and values, the hospital enjoys the Christian and Muslim communities' trust.

Services at Ahli Hospital are provided to unarmed civilians in need without prejudice to any religion, social class, gender and political affiliation.

In June 2012 UNWRA withdrew it's funding of the hospital, although agreed a 6 month bridging fund whilst the hospital found new sources of income (see full report). They urgently need regular donors to support this hospital to ensure it can continue to serve the local community in 2013 and beyond.

Donations to Ahli will be spent on medicine, services and the high cost of fuel for generators.






As a result of the January 2009 Gaza crisis

  • about 1,480 people were killed
  • over 5,000 were injured

  • 21,000 homes were fully or partialy destroyed

  • more than 50,000 people became homeless

Despite the violence and crises in the Gaza Strip during 2009 and since Ahli Hospital has continued to serve the ill, poor, war-injured and war-affected men, women and children of the area.

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Mobile Medical Program

The hospital expanded its regular medical program and ran free medical clinics in impoverished communities and refugee camps in order to:

  • improve the health status of the deprived and the injured

  • secure better access to healthcare for communities in Gaza

  • to identify and evaluate the participants for nutritional vulnerability

  • achieve high standard in the services provided

  • assure gender equality and accessibility to health care

  • enhance cooperation and collaboration with the community leaders and relevant grassroots organisations