St Luke's Hospital Appeal - Nablus

St Luke’s Hospital serves as a beacon of peace and hope to the city’s residents who are tired and discouraged from years of regional tension.

St Luke's Hospital is one of two Christian institutions in Nablus city located in the West bank where the majority of residents are Muslims. They provide quality healthcare and job opportunities for all residents regardless of faith in an atmostphere of mutual respect and cooperation.

Through grants and donations St Luke’s has undergone significant renovations across the departments and now have a new Emergency and Trauma unit with new equipment replacing outdated equipment.

There is still much to be done for St Luke’s. Their future plans include:

  • to enlarged the ICU and Neonate Departments which will increase the number of people they can treat and improve the service they provide

  • up-grade the Neurosurgery department with a full Trauma Centre

  • bringing in specialists to the Outpatients clinics

  •  add three incubators, tow monitors to the Neonate Department

  • add two delivery beds and two foetal heart monitors to the Maternity Department

  • add a heavy duty steam sterilizer for the CSSD Department

  • to repair or receive a new CT scanner for diagnostic procedures to avoid having to transport patients to other hospitals for imaging before and after operations


We cannot be observers to suffering. With the help of friends around the world we need to give a hand to the sick and suffering.

Please help St Luke’s Hospital to continue the care it offers and help them to further improve the services they can provide.


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                             Download St Luke's Hospital 2010 General Report