Diocese of Egypt Prayer Diary Jan-Jun 2018

Profile picture of Bishop MouneerYour prayers are of vital importance to our work at the Diocese. Through prayer, you are connected with people from all around the world. When you pray, you lift up those who are disadvantaged, such as those with disabilities, prisoners, and refugees. You support the leaders of churches throughout Egypt, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa. We can’t wait to see what blessings your prayers will bring over the coming year!

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January 7

Please pray that God would provide 20,000 L.E. so that the inmates of El Kanatar Prison can be provided with Christmas and Easter gifts through the Diocese’s Prison Ministry.

January 14

Please pray for the recognition of the church in Egypt. The Diocese of Egypt is not officially recognized by the Egyptian government.

January 21

Please pray for Bishop Grant and Dr. Wendy as they leave Ethiopia. Pray for the process of appointing a new area bishop for the Horn of Africa region.

January 28

Thank God for improving the situation of women like Demyana. Demyana regularly attended awareness meetings at one of EpiscoCare’s community centres in El Ras El Soda. At one meeting, she heard about micro-loans, and how they could help improve one’s financial state. Her husband received only a very small income, and they had three children in primary school to support. Because Demyana was skilled in baking baladi (the local bread), she wanted to take out a loan from the community centre to buy an oven. At first, her husband refused because he was afraid of failure. However, Demyana was able to convince him that the community needed bakeries. Now she is able to sell bread through a local grocery store to support her family.


February 4

Please pray for the youth in Egypt. They have great potential and passion. Please pray that they would grow in their awareness of their gifts and capabilities, and be able to use these to improve their communities.

February 11

Give thanks for Bishop Samy, who was consecrated as the first Arab area bishop for North Africa last year. Please ask that God would give him wisdom over this next year.

Pray for safety in the North Africa region.

February 18

Please pray that the material needs of the refugees would be met. Refuge Egypt seeks to provide vulnerable refugees with food, as well as clothes and blankets. During these colder months, Refuge Egypt needs more donations of clothes and blankets.

February 25

Thank God for improving the situation of women like Omhani Abdallah Abdelkerim. She came to Egypt from Sudan nine months ago with her husband and four children. She initially worked in a factory, but had to quit after her employer refused to pay her the full salary that she was owed. Then Omhani heard about Refuge Egypt. She came and explained her situation to the staff there. Life for Omhani was very difficult. Her husband was too ill to work, and she was unemployed and struggling to support her family. Omhani had only ever worked in a factory before. The staff at Refuge Egypt suggested that she enrol in Refuge Egypt’s free cleaning course to learn domestic work skills. A week after she completed her course and received her certificate, she found part time employment for four days a week. She is very happy with her work.


March 4

Thank God for girls like Simon and Evivlen. Simon used to dislike going to school. She didn’t understand anything, and the teacher used to make her stay behind after class. She didn’t understand reading and writing. But then, through the “My Dear Daughter” programme, Simon met Ms. Evivlen, an older girl who mentored her, and helped her with reading and writing. Simon began to enjoy going to school, and now understands what is written on the classroom’s chalkboard. “Before, I was felt like I was a blind person who couldn`t see or understand what was written on the board.”

EpiscoCare’s “My Dear Daughter” programme pairs young girls at risk of dropping out of school with older girls who mentor and encourage them.

March 11

Please pray for education of the 175 students who the Boulaq Centre supports through providing books, private tutoring, and the payment of school fees. Pray that these students would receive God’s love, kindness, and mercy.

March 18

Please pray that the Holy Spirit would lead the members of the dioceses in Cyprus and the Gulf. Pray for justice and peace across the region, and that God would bless the leaders of the churches there with wisdom and vision in all they do.

March 25

Please pray that the hospital in Sadat would be able to install a fire extinguishing system.


April 1

Please pray that the Prison Ministry Team would be able to purchase plane tickets for the released prisoners. It will cost 75,000 L.E. to purchase eleven tickets.

Even after foreign prisoners have completed their sentence, they will not be released until they have a plane ticket back to their home country. Many cannot afford to purchase a ticket.

April 8

The Deaf Unit would like to build a preparatory school so the deaf children can continue their education. Please pray that God would provide a donor for this project.

April 15

Please pray that God would provide a bishop for the Diocese of Iran.

April 22

Thank God for the children at the Deaf School like Marian. Marian joined the Deaf School last year, and it was her first time going to school. Before that, her mother didn’t know what to do with her, and Marian did everything with those who could hear, including going to church. A woman who was taking a sign language course at the Deaf Unit saw her, and helped her enrol in the Deaf School. Marian is very bright, and is enjoying her time at the Deaf School. She loves learning, and her sign language is improving very quickly. Please pray for Marian, her family, and the wonderful things that God will do through her life.

April 29

Pray that there would be unity in the Council of Churches in Egypt. Pray that the church leaders would support each other and work together.


May 6

Give thanks for Nafisa Ahmed Gebril, a single mother with three children from Sudan. Before coming to Refuge Egypt, Nafisa could not afford an apartment because she was unemployed. Because of this, she lived with a relative who had five children. She passed the cleaning test and was registered. She found work in Tajama Al Khames. Now her situation has improved drastically, and she is very happy.

May 13

Please pray for the poorest people in Egypt. The inflation in prices and lack of access to public services are making their lives very difficult. Pray that people would show mercy in the face of these challenges, and that our EpiscoCare centres would be able to help address their needs.

May 20

Thank God for His work in the life of Sherine and the other women like her. Before the Boulaq Centre, Sherine despised working. Now she is working hard to help support her family through this income.

The Boulaq Centre began with a focus on helping disadvantaged women through teaching them vocational skills, such as sewing and embroidery. Their products are then sold in the Wady Shop and Touch of Egypt Craft shop to provide these women with an income.

May 27

Pray that God would use the churches in the Province of Jerusalem to bring peace to the region. Pray that he would bless the leaders there with steadfastness, patience, and hope.


June 3

Pray for the youth participating in the “Together We Develop Egypt” project. In this project, Muslim and Christian youth work together under the guidance of an imam and a priest. The youth work together on projects that will benefit their communities. Pray that the youth would be open to learn about each other, and understanding of their differences.

June 10

Please pray for the families of the prisoners, who are unable to visit them or support them because they live so far away. Pray that God would comfort and provide for these families in their absence.

June 17

Please pray that the hospital in Menouf would be able to purchase a CT scanner, which cost six million Egyptian pounds.

June 24

Thank God for the completion of the Gospel of Mark into Egyptian Sign Language. There currently is a community of three million deaf people in Egypt who understand Egyptian Sign Language. Egyptian Sign Language is also understood by the deaf of other Middle Eastern countries. This project, however, is the first and only one of its kind in the Arab world.