A Greener Cathedral – Bahrain

Little boy is lifted up to place bottle in recycling unit

Following a visit to Bahrain Cleaning Company’s recycling factory in Salmabad, the Dean of St Christopher’s Cathedral, Chris Butt proposed to the Cathedral Council that the Cathedral should introduce a recycling bin for the many groups that use the Cathedral compound for worship, especially focusing on plastic bottles, which are so often thrown on the ground or in the general rubbish bins and end up in landfill or in the sea and increasingly cause so much distress to bird and sea life.

It’s an opportunity for us to educate our children and young people and for them to educate us adults

Oceans of Plastic poster showing a drawing of a turtle eating a plastic bag


Dean Chris went on to explain that the Friday Club will be using material recently produced by the Anglican Communion Environmental Network/ Green – Oceans-of-Plastic – in September leading up to Harvest Festival in October.

Harvest is a time when we particularly give thanks to God for the gift of the world and all that it produces, and we will use the opportunity to reflect on our abuse of our world and how we can begin in small ways to address that.