Diocese of Iran

Vicar-General of the Diocese of Iran: The Rt. Revd. Azad Marshall

Update on the Bishop in Iran

In January 2016 Bishop Azad Marshall resigned as Bishop in Iran in order to take up a new post as Co-Adjutor Bishop of the Diocese of Raiwind in Pakistan and successor to the present diocesan bishop there. For the first half of 2016 he will continue in an overseeing role as Vicar-General of Iran.

Archbishop Mouneer has requested prayers in support of his hopes of securing a replacement resident bishop in Iran.

A brief history

There have been Christians in Iran since the earliest days of the Church and the indigenous Churches continue as minorities in this predominantly Muslim country. The Anglican presence arose out of missionary work by the Church Missionary Society and there is a small Church which looks to the Bishop for spiritual leadership. The diocesan institutions - schools and hospitals and work among the blind - were expropriated, as were those of other denominations at the time of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 but the tiny Church persists.

Members of the Church need much prayer for strength to witness to their faith and for protection from the opposition. There have been martyrs since the Revolution, and the situation can only really be described, in human terms, as unpredictable.

Yet there is, from time to time, news of great joy and peace in believing.

News from the Diocese can be found in our twice-yearly magazine, Bible Lands

Should you wish to make contact with those in this country who can give you more information, please address a letter to the JMECA office in Farnham, and it will be forwarded.


Churches in the Diocese

St Luke, Isfahan.

St Paul, Julfa (a suburb of Isfahan)

St Simon the Zealot, Shiraz

St Paul, Tehran