Archive of Books reviewed in Bible Lands 2002-2008

Married to another man book coverMarried to Another Man: Israel's dilemma in Palestine by Ghada Karmi. Published by Pluto Press, 320 pages, ISBN978-0945320656 - RRP £14.99 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

A case of confidence book coverA Case of Confidence by Ian R Smith. Published by Highland, ISBN978-1897913727 - RRP £6.99 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

A little piece of ground book coverA Little Piece of Ground by Elizabeth Laird. Published by Macmillan Children's Books, 224 pages, ISBN978-0330437437 - RRP £5.99 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

Palestine and palestinians book coverPalestine & Palestinians by Giroud Sabri. Published by Alternative Tourist Group, Beit Sahour, 450 pages, ISBN978-9950319011 - RRP £17.50 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

Checkpoints and chances book coverCheckpoints and Chances by Katharine von Schubert. Published by Quaker Books, 128 pages, ISBN978-0852453663 - RRP £9.00 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

Iraq, searching for hope book coverIraq: searching for hope by Andrew White. Published by Continuum, 182 pages, ISBN978-0826486304 - RRP £9.99 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

Whose holy city? book coverWhose Holy City? by Colin Chapman. Published by Lion, 256 pages, ISBN978-0745951348 - RRP £8.99 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

Pilgrim preacher book coverPilgrim Preacher: Palestine, Pilgrimage and Preaching by Duncan Macpherson, foreword by Naim Ateek. Published by Melisende, 146 pages, ISBN978-1901764397 - RRP £9.95 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

Image of book cover unavailableA Faithful Presence: essays for Kenneth Cragg edited by David Thomas and Clare Amos. Published by Melisende, 424 pages, ISBN978-1901764257 - RRP £30 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

Image of book cover unavailableThe Way of the Cross by Very Revd Michael H Sellors. Published


Rose stones of Jerusalem book coverRose Stones of Jerusalem. A book of stories and poems by Najwa K Farah. Published by Christians Aware, ISBN1873372212 - RRP £11.50 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>

In Troubled Waters. A history of the Anglican Church in Jerusalem 1841-1998 by Rafiq A Farah. Published by Christians Aware, ISBN1873372167 - RRP £8.50 <<<BUY from Amazon>>>