Al-Ahli Hospital Gaza

‘A beacon of light’

“In all the tragic events of the fifty day conflict, with its tremendous cost in human lives and suffering Al Ahli hospital stood tall as a beacon of light letting the people of Gaza know it was and is there for them at all times and especially and unflinchingly in the worst times.”

"Jesus the servant came to serve and not to be served and that is exactly what you do and especially during this conflict. This is the work of God in Christ which he is doing through you and our partners to bring healing."

“Many children have been left without parents including the children of a young Ahli nurse who died when protecting her children, who have minor injuries. They will now be raised by their grandmother, the family’s sole survivor.”

Bishop Suheil

“Gifts received from members and friends of this association now exceed £72,000 and have been forwarded to the bishop for the hospital.”

Shirley Eason, Administrator JMECA

“The greatest good is to do the best things in the worst times.”

Bishop’s Appeal & Response

Hospital Director Suhaila Tarazi

Hospital Director Suhail Tarazi


This Anglican foundation in Gaza City which provided critical healthcare during the recent fighting is facing a future treating severe injuries and trauma.

In a message to the Anglican Communion, Bishop in Jerusalem the Rt Revd Suheil Dawani said serving the immediate needs of the community in Gaza “remained a high priority” for Al Ahli Arab Hospital and its staff.

The bishop was writing primarily to thank the Communion for the “outpouring of support from our development partners, churches and individuals” after a humanitarian appeal for Al-Ahli Hospital on July 15th.

Thanks to support from the Anglican community worldwide and other supporters, Al-Ahli was one of the hospitals able to continue to treat men, women and children injured during the two months of violence that killed 1,663 Palestinian and 67 Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Once described as a ‘haven of peace’ in the middle of one of the world’s most troubled places, the hospital has become a key centre for those impacted by the horrors of war.

“As so many buildings and homes in Gaza have been destroyed, many people still seek shelter and food for themselves and their families. With water and sanitation infrastructure damaged in many places, Al- Ahli is also working hard to help contain the spread of communicable diseases and other hazards of polluted water and inadequate hygiene facilities.”

Half of all the hospitals there were damaged or destroyed in the violence, Al-Ahli was not one of them, but it did lose staff. One of the hospital’s nurses, Nivine Attar, was killed at home after her night shift at the hospital. She died on Sunday 10th August as she tried to protect her two daughters – aged 2½ years and six months – during a bombardment of the area around her home. The girls are now orphans.

In the latest update from the hospital, it recorded receiving 4,300 patients; treating 45 patients a day for burns (50% of those were children) and 120 people per day (again mainly children) were affected by the lack of sanitation, water, and food. Children in particular were suffering from chest infections, rashes and scabies.

Bishop Dawani said, the terrible news coming out of Israel/Palestine, Iraq and Syria could cause people to lose hope but he went on,

When we look more carefully at our communities – our schools, hospitals and other places of healing, as well as places of worship – we see promising signs everywhere of the Spirit moving hearts with love to help others.

Humanitarian Appeal for Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza

On 15 July, as the bombardment in Gaza intensified, the Diocese of Jerusalem issued a humanitarian appeal for Al-Ahli Hospital, where staff maintain an around-the-clock presence, receiving wounded people and providing them with critical medical care.

Like other hospitals in Gaza, Al-Ahli Hospital is experiencing shortages in medicine, fuel for electrical generators, food for patients and their families, and food parcels for many in the community seeking help.

The airstrikes have also caused structural damage to the hospital, including to its ventilation system in the operating theatre and the emergency room. In addition, windows have been broken in many buildings, as well as in the new diagnostic centre.

The Bishop says: “In the last few weeks, our partners from all over the world have answered our call, and we still hope to achieve our goal of raising just over $500,000 to help Al-Ahli Hospital treat victims of one of the worst conflicts in Gaza’s history. While it is hoped that a ceasefire will end the violence, an end to the fighting will not bring an immediate end to the suffering in Gaza or to patients at Al-Ahli who are severely wounded or have lost their families. AIAhli is also working hard to help contain the spread of communicable diseases and other hazards of polluted water and inadequate hygiene facilities. As they continue their work, AI-Ahli Hospital is entirely grateful to partners from all over the world who have answered the call for assistance”

Members and friends of this association have contributed £72,000

JMECA open for further donations.


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