Al Ahli Hospital Appeal 2014

Following weeks of airstrikes in Gaza the Al Ahli Arab Hospital which is run by the Diocese of Jerusalem, is appealing for urgent aid as it struggles to provide the overwhelming emergency medical care needed during this time of ongoing conflict.

The appeal details below are ta​ken from the Diocese of Jerusalem Appeal for the Al-Ahli Hospital.


During the past week, the Israeli military has carried out hundreds of airstrikes on Gaza. According to the latest OCHA report, published on July 14, more than 1,140 Palestinians have been wounded, including 296 children and 233 women; 168 were killed, of these 133 were civilians, and 36 were children; more than 940 residential houses have been fully destroyed, leaving 5,600 people displaced; 25,000 children have been traumatized and in need of psychosocial support. As the Israeli authorities have called up 40,000 reserve troops, there are fears the conflict will escalate and many more Palestinians will be killed, wounded, or displaced.  

Situation at Al-Ahli Hospital

In the last two days, the impact of the airstrikes has caused structural damages to the hospital, including its ventilation system in the operating theatre and the emergency room. In addition, windows have been broken in many buildings, as well as in the new diagnostic center.

Currently, and since the beginning of the crisis, Al-Ahli staff have maintained around-the-clock presence at the hospital, receiving wounded people and providing them with the critical medical care that they need.

Like the other hospitals in Gaza, Al-Ahli hospital is experiencing shortages in medicine, fuel for electrical generators, food for patients, and food parcels for many in the community seeking this help.

Al-Ahli Urgent Needs

The estimated Budget to cover the urgent needs including the war and Post War Rehabilitation period is £ 300,000: This includes the cost of

  • Fuel                                          

  • Medical Supplies

  • Psychosocial support for women and children           

  • Food (for patients, families, staff, homeless)    

  • Hiring additional staff

  • Structural repairs

  • Medical Equipment

(Full breakdown available in Diocesan Appeal document pdf 290KB)

How You Can Help

Your financial contribution will help meet these urgent needs and is greatly appreciated.  If you are a UK Tax Payer, by directing your contributions via JMECA we can claim Gift Aid on your behalf and increase your gift by 25%.

Donations will be sent on to the hospital in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Ways to Donate via JMECA:

On line - via MyDonate or Paypal

Mark your gift for Diocesan Al Ahli Hospital Appeal


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Cheque or Charity voucher 

Cheques/vouchers payable to The Jerusalem and the Middle East Church Association. Post to the Secretary, JMECA, 1 Hart House, The Hart, Farnham, Surrey. GU9 7HJ. Include a Gift Aid declaration if you are eligible and not already registered with us.

Bank Transfer 

Please email the Secretary or call +44 1252 726994 for our bank details


Gift Aid It logoAre you a tax payer? Then you may be able to increase the value of your gift with Gift Aid.


Gift Aid increases the value of donations to UK charities by allowing them to reclaim basic rate tax on your gift. 

Are you eligible?

  • You must pay an annual amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that all charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) reclaims on your donations in the tax year (currently £2.50 for each £10 you give). VAT and Council Tax do not qualify.

  • If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief on your Self-Assessment tax return or ask HMRC to adjust your tax code.

  • You can cancel your declaration at any time by notifying us – if, for example, your circumstances change and you no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and capital gains equal.  Your declaration will then not apply to donations you make on or after the date you specify for cancellation.

Download the full details of the Diocesan appeal.

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