Jerusalem - A Trip of a Lifetime

Have you ever thought about visiting Jerusalem but weren't sure it was for you? I was very lucky to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land four years ago and recently I have encouraged some of my friends to take up a similar opportunity. 

Reflecting back on my trip I can now see the impact it has had on my faith. One of the most significant differences I have seen is in my visualisation of the stories in the Bible. Having seen the Holy sites and read the scriptures in situ, now that I am back in England the images remain whenever the Bible is read. It brings them to life, provides the physical context which changes the way you hear and respond to them.

Through the investment funds held by JMECA it is possible each year to provide grants for ordinands so they can make a trip to Jerusalem for study or work placement. We always receive such positive feedback from them and their reports are full of how their experience provided a rich input into their training.

The next issue of Bible Lands, which is currently being edited, will include a report from Josh and Alanna Harris, two ordinands studying at Ridley Hall. They recently received a travel grant from the Bishop Cragg fund to enable them to travel to the Holy Land where they spent a month at the Cathedral, helping in its ministries and sharing in the worship life of the Cathedral and travelling around the area visiting the Diocesan ministries in Israel/Palestine.

"Our whole time on placement was a wonderful learning experience - from the necessity of coffee to any social interaction in Jerusalem, to the liturgical richness of St George’s, to the beauty as well as challenge of bilingual worship, and the sheer amount of work done by a surprisingly small staff team!"

                                                                                                                  Josh & Alanna Harris

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